What specific exercises do I need to do in order to do Interactive Groups in maths with my 4th grade students? Do I need special activities to do it?

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        Hi Maria! Interactive groups are one of the 6 Successful Educational Actions that propose ways of organising classroom resources to ensure improved learning and coexistence. The key point of IG is the multiplication and diversification of interactions between students through work in small heterogenous groups with the help of more adults than just the teacher, being one of them the facilitator of the interactions among students in each IG. In order to prepare them, the teacher should adjust the activities to short periods of time (between 10-15 minutes) depending on the number of groups he/she creates in the classroom. According to the learning objectives of the class session, shorter activities should be planned. However, it is suggested that the activities should be collaborative in terms of having to be solved through dialogue. The group of students will move to the next activity once all have finished it. At the end of the session, all groups have gone through all the tables, having completed all the activities proposed. We invited you to see the resources we have placed in the platform.

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          thanks, I’ll have a look at the resources.

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