Dear all, I’m particularly interested in the use of art and participatory culture practices in refugee & migrant education & integration. Please, share sucessful or new intiatives & ideas & practices.

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    • Ana Raykova
        1 month, 1 week ago

        Dear Anna, for the last several years, IOM Bulgaria has engaged professional graffiti artists to paint the outside wall of the Registration and reception center in the city of Harmanli, Bulgaria, together with asylum-seeking children from Syria and Afghanistan, and Bulgarian children. The graffiti festival is organized once per year for a period of several days. Here is a link to an article on the last edition of the festival –

        • Anna Krasteva
            1 month ago

            Dear Ani, thanks, the Graffiti festival in a refugee centre is a really nice practice. The most inspiring is that the refugee children participate actively and become artists in this wonderful participatory culture activity.

        • Sarah Kate van der Walt
            1 month, 1 week ago

            Hi Anna,

            Have a look at these;

            7 art initiatives that are transforming the lives of refugees – UNHCR Innovation

            Effective Inclusion of Refugees: participatory approaches for practitioners at the local level – A toolkit by UNHCR and Migration Policy Group

            Save the Children, 2022. Participatory Approaches Using Creative Methods to Strengthen Community Engagement and Ownership

            Global Goals, Inclusion Through Art: A practical guide for organisations that want to engage with young asylum seekers and refugees through media projects and participatory art.

            Let us know what you think of them!


            Sarah Kate

            • Anna Krasteva
                1 month ago

                Dear Sarah Kate, thanks for this  colorful ‘bouquet’  of art initiatives. I’ll let you kow my favorite.




              • Anna Krasteva
                  3 weeks, 2 days ago

                  Sarah Kate, I enjoyed very much reading this rich list of creative practices. I like particularly the ones which transform the refugee children into artists, e.g. Za’atari Project, Exile voices, Paint outside the lines etc.

                  I’m pleased to share similar creative participatory practices have been successfuly implemented in Bulgaria – e.g. short movie written and performed by unacompagnied minors within Refuge-Ed; photo workshop with unacompagnied minors by a young photograpger from US inspired by Refuge-Ed, IOM initiative for refugee children to paint the walls of the Refugee Reception centre in Harmanli, etc.



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