21st Elementary school of Athens

Music and classical art paintings were utilised in Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs) during music and art classes. Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, as well as Beethoven, Bach were the main artists whose work was introduced during DLGs. The practice was implemented bi-weekly and used solely in these classes as the intention of the school was to establish those hours as ‘personal and team space’ in order to work on issues that would come up, in an artistic manner.

Impact and successes

Team bonding and interaction among students was substantially increased throughout the year. Students had the chance to discuss and explore vital subjects in their daily life, as well as examine feelings generated throughout a conflict, while reflecting on art pieces. Students became more and more interested in classical art and ultimately suggested and mentioned pieces that they looked up on their own, in their effort to express their state of mind.

Lessons, learning and recommendations

Unfortunately, a small number of students were very reserved and subsequently participated in a limited way. Space was given in every session; however, the engagement was not consistent. Reviewing the process, it is essential for them not to be discouraged by other students’ improvement.