Training on Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) and especially Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs); and training on MHPSS (Mental Health and Psychosocial Support) was conducted with around ten educators. A visit to the University was organised with 20 minors where a workshop on journalism and a DLG session was held.

Impact and successes

The minors in the centre much valued the visit to the UAB, as access to higher studies is often limited for unaccompanied minors in Spain. The opportunity to visit the university and dialogue with professors about their academic trajectories was a special activity off their daily routine. In the DLG about The Odyssey, minors could connect to their own lives and share their fears, which also provided mechanisms to handle social and family pressure.

Lessons, learning and recommendations

Reception centres as residential centres have multiple things to handle and urgent issues often come before important ones. DLG routines can therefore be difficult to establish and turnover of both minors and educators make it even more complicated. Nevertheless, shorter tales or books can be used in DLGs as well as Interactive Groups (IGs) with specific learning goals for each session can be conducted.