The dialogical model of conflict prevention and resolution has been implemented biweekly.

Impact and successes

While there has not been academic improvements, there has been a relational one. The children grew up a lot as a result of participating, and have learned how to get to know each other better and respect each other a little more. Practice has given them the space to get to know each other better, to talk about ‘real things and not just about subjects’. There is a great need to have moments of relaxation within the class and this Successful Education Action (SEA) has allowed it. There has been considerable reflection on the theme of respect and friendship; even the teacher was able to open up and get to know others better, so it was mutual openness which improved their coexistence.

Lessons, learning and recommendations

More time was needed than was available. While the practice will continue next year, in the meantime progress has been seen. Some conflicts were resolved by looking at the rules they created as a reference. 

Indirectly, other classes have also heard about the activity and became curious, so it is hoped for a broader involvement of the institute for next year. No involvement from actors outside the school has been seen yet, however.