Dialogic literary gatherings (DLGs) were implemented. The class read a simplified version of “Orlando furioso”. The class quickly understood the mechanism and applied the gatherings as per the textbook. The pupils took turns in moderating the assemblies. The dialogues touched on important topics, and respect and listening were always prioritised.

Impact and successes

Having found a new space for sharing resulted in pupils speaking out on even serious issues, such as eating disorders. Even if students with a migration background are all second generation, it nonetheless helps reflecting about everyday life and relations with parents, focusing on differences and similarities.

Referring to text from Orlando furioso:

“Weighed down by armor Rodomonte struggles to keep himself afloat” 

A girl participating noted that:

“She tells us about the baggage we carry with us every day, composed of worries, uncertainties, fears, and how it all seems to be about to crush her and there is no way out, no life preserver to keep her afloat.”

Lessons, learning and recommendations

There is a strong need for communication. There are issues that students want to address within a safe space.