The centre works with Interactive Groups, Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs), Extension of Learning Time and Dialogic Training of Teachers. As for Interactive Groups (IGs), they were conducted in Valencian, Spanish, English, Physics, and Chemistry as well as their teacher body work on Preventive Socialisation of Gender Violence. 200 students participated in the IGs, 350 in the DLGs and PG, and 30 in the TL. The age group involved was 11 – 16 years old.

Impact and successes

SEAs have improved school coexistence since they created the coexistence norm (created as part of one SEA). According to students’ and teachers’ perceptions, there was also an enhancement of academic performance and expectations.

‘At the beginning I didn’t think I would be able to get these grades in the subjects I got them in. Because before I was terrible at maths, geography, and history. And now, thanks to the library and the fact that I can study here, I’ve got an A in both’ (Student)

Lessons, learning and recommendations

The community revealed that the Tutored Library has been key for students with learning difficulties or academic gaps because they started the school year later (as a result of forced migration from their country of origin).