Training on Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) and especially Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs); and training on MHPSS (Mental Health and Psychosocial Support) was conducted with around 10 educators. DLG were implemented with a group of 15 minors. Several support visits to implementation were done and an academic orientation was held. A library was set up in the centre due to the increasing interest in reading. Also, a visit to the University was organised with 20 minors.

Impact and successes

The implementation of DLGs has improved the learning of the language; participants are reading more and learning new words and expressions. Educators set up a library in the centre because the minors’ interest in reading had increased. The opportunity to share their experiences and their fears increased understanding on one another and improved the minors’ sense of belonging.

Also, being in touch with learning environments helped increase their expectations of their academic future and helped increase their interest in post-mandatory studies.

Lessons, learning and recommendations

One of the biggest impacts and lessons learned was the effect that the project had on educators themselves. It helped make them value their work more and want to go further in their tasks of promoting the minor’s wellbeing and success. It also increased their expectation of the minors and of themselves and helped make them more aware of the tools they have around them.