Dialogic popular education in Spain and its impact on society, educational and social theory, and European research.

Training of family members SEA Interactive groups Educative participation of the community Dialogic teacher training Dialogic model of prevention and resolution of conflicts Dialogic gatherings Academic publication

Dialogic popular education developed by La Verneda-Sant Martí School for Adults in Spain, influenced by the work of Paulo Freire, has had a range of significant social and educational impacts. Starting with an emancipatory approach to eradicate oppression, this dialogic popular education resisted and has transformed aspects of the Spanish educational sphere despite ongoing hindrances and difficulties. This article presents a path of events, a history of interventions and findings from research on how dialogic popular education has affected and changed educational practices as well as how research is approached elsewhere in Europe. In addition, it presents ways in which a radical commitment to social change can be combined with scientific standards in the pursuit of achieving a better society for all.

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