Digital backpack

Online platform created by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Sciences which includes a page with a catalogue with Open Educational Resources in the frame of the Project ‘Education for Tomorrow’ Open Educational Resource (OER) repositories may include full courses, textbooks, or any learning materials, including images, videos, or documents related to teaching and learning. […]

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I Support My Friends

“I Support My Friends” is peer to peer psychological first aid that is specifically adapted for training children and adolescents (9-17 years old) to support their friends in distress, under the mentorship and guidance of trusted adults. […]

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Youth Resilience Programmes for children aged 14 and above

The Youth Resilience Programme: Psychosocial support in and out of school has been developed by Save the Children as an independent continuation of the Children’s Resilience Programme. The programme is a nonclinical psychosocial and protection methodology and framed within the concept of ‘I AM’, ‘I CAN’ and ‘I HAVE’ to capture the complex interaction of […]

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Parenting on the Move

The Parenting on the Move (PoM) programme package has been developed to support families to provide the necessary conditions for well-being, resilience, and education of children up to 12 years of age, in situations of migration/refugeehood. The programme has three components: parent workshops, family workshops (led by trained moderators), and materials for activities that parents […]

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