Dialogic teacher training

This action encourages teachers to learn from the research available from the international scientific community and to develop their knowledge of the best educational theories. Reading, researching and discussing Successful Educational Actions supported by the international scientific community and sharing knowledge through this space are the most common actions to acquire the best and most up-to-date knowledge.

The Dialogic Teacher Training (or Dialogic Pedagogical Gatherings) takes place in the same way as any of the Dialogic Gatherings. That is, teams of very diverse people involved in children’s education, especially teachers, counsellors, guidance counsellors, etc., read the most relevant international books together, always using the original sources. Before the gathering, participants read the agreed pages individually and underline the ideas or paragraphs they wish to share during the session. These ideas can relate to their own thoughts, experiences, reflections and feelings. The collective construction of knowledge is based on an egalitarian dialogue about the reading, in which they always indicate the page and paragraph number to which they refer in their commentary, critique or analysis.


Dive into Dialogic teacher training with curated readings and step-by-step resources for fostering ental health and psychosocial support services.

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