Cultural sensitivity

Recognise and promote the cultural diversity of all people while acknowledging and integrating overlapping intercultural and universal beliefs, values, and practices. Cultural awareness is included in project designs and creating an interactive space where all are able to learn from each other’s cultural groups while acknowledging cultural coping mechanisms and understanding of wellbeing. […]

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Multi-layered supports

Develop a layered system of complementary supports to cater to diverse needs, from basic services like food and shelter, to community and family supports, focused non-specialised supports, and specialised services for those with severe mental disorders and significant functional difficulties. […]

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Do no harm

Minimise potential harm by coordinating with others, designing informed interventions, committing to evaluation and external review, cultivating cultural competence, staying updated on effective practices, and consistently reflecting on human rights and participatory approaches. […]

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Engage local affected populations extensively in the humanitarian response to enhance their resilience, foster a sense of ownership, and improve the quality, equity, and sustainability of the aid efforts. […]

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Multipronged approach

A multipronged approach recognizes mental health and psychosocial wellbeing needs to be supported by the context and structures individuals and communities are located within. Multipronged approaches bring together different elements to offer comprehensive and creative solutions to support mental health and psychosocial wellbeing within communities. These approaches recognize positive and negative factors impacting individuals and […]

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Facilitate creative expression

Art, music, dance and theatre are forms of creative expression that can help individuals to process and cope with emotional difficulties. They provide a means to reconstruct meaning and identity, work with traumatic experiences, construct and retell stories and form social connections. Expressive therapy can take many forms, incorporating art, theatre, storytelling, music and dance. […]

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Providing psychoeducation

Psychoeducation is an approach that combines support and education to help someone understand and manage reactions and emotional and psychological challenges. The aim of psychoeducation is to build the knowledge and reduce stigma and social exclusion related to negative mental health and psychosocial stress. It promotes understanding and healthy coping mechanisms for both individuals and […]

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Creating a safe space

A safe space is an area where individuals do not encounter discrimination, criticism, harassment, or physical and emotional harm. A safe space can both refer to physical locations, emotional and ideological interactions. A safe space is important for learning and creating a sense of belonging and well-being among individuals and communities. While the perception of […]

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