IES Alfonso II High School

The centre implemented weekly Successful Educational Activities (SEAs) (Dialogic Literary Gatherings, Extension of Learning Time, Family Training, Dialogic Training of Teachers, Participation of the Community, and Interactive Groups) in maths, literature, physics, chemistry, economics, history and geography. The direct beneficiaries were about 550 students. […]

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1st Lyceum of Markopoulo

Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs) were implemented weekly, as well as ad-hoc in the form of prevention and resolution of conflicts if a serious issue arose. A range of classical as well as more modern pieces of literature were used to promote dialogue amongst pupils and serve as an effective tool of preventing and resolving conflict. […]

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9th Elementary school of Piraeus

9th Elementary school of Piraeus (final day)

Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs) and the dialogic model of conflict prevention and resolution were used on a weekly basis, as well as the basic methodology of interactive groups (IGs). During the first two practices, students from older classes were invited to participate as guests, in cooperation with their responsible teachers. In IGs the teachers helping […]

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21st Elementary school of Athens

21st Elementary school of Athens

Music and classical art paintings were utilised in Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs) during music and art classes. Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, as well as Beethoven, Bach were the main artists whose work was introduced during DLGs. The practice was implemented bi-weekly and used solely in these classes as the intention of the school was […]

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52nd Elementary school of Athens

52nd Elementary school of Athens

Homer’s Odyssey, Aesop’s Myths and more international books from the school’s international library, which includes books from the students’ country of origin, were utilised. The basic methodology of Interactive Groups (IGs) was implemented in scientific classes, where older and/or more advanced students of migrant/refugee origin were brought in to assist and guide the classroom’s students. […]

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Support Group Network Mölndal

Around 50 unique participants involved (teachers, volunteers, families and children) The SEAs and MHPSS tools implemented biweekly in Interactive Groups (IGs), Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs), Participation of the Community, TeamUp and games from the playbook ‘Right to play’. The SEAs were primarily implemented during Maths, English and Arabic classes. The volunteers and teachers were also […]

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St. Joseph’s Christian Brothers’ School

A needs analysis included interviewing school representatives (children, staff, and caregivers) to identify their support needs. Based on this, it was decided that the focus should be on English language learning, group-working, and parental involvement in schools through interactive groups (IGs). After pre-training evaluations with children and staff, eight staff participated in training and REFUGE-ED […]

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