Vänersborg Intercultural Centre

This pilot used different fairy tales for the Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs) and mathematics for the Interactive Group (IG). The target group, which involved 15 to 20 children, expressed a keen interest in psychosocial support and educational activities, with children exhibiting strong motivation for educational engagement. Moreover, the parents actively contributed to organising and facilitating […]

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15th School ‘Adam Mitskevich’

Students aged between 5 and 18; male and female; the majority were Bulgarian students, including Roma children. There was a variable number of students with foreign backgrounds, including refugee children from Ukraine, unaccompanied minors (UAMs) from Afghanistan and Iran, migrant and refugee children from Syria, Iraq, Vietnam, China. There were also approximately 50 students; five […]

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74th School Gotse Delchev

Two types of Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) were implemented in different grades – Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs) and Interactive Groups (IGs). Since January 2023, across two classrooms, the Bulgarian team conducted two sessions on a monthly basis in the first classroom and one session every month in the second. DLGs were implemented four times in […]

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Safety Zone for UAM in the Registration and Reception Centre (RRC) in Sofia (Voenna Rampa)

The drama therapy was implemented with the support of an IOM (The International Organization for Migration) psychologist. The topic was chosen by the UAM – to tell the story and motives of their journey from Afghanistan to Europe. The psychologist led the drama therapy sessions while the NBU team oversaw the co-creation process, the script […]

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ICS Silvio Boccone

Dialogic literary gatherings (DLGs) were implemented. The class read a simplified version of “Orlando furioso”. The class quickly understood the mechanism and applied the gatherings as per the textbook. The pupils took turns in moderating the assemblies. The dialogues touched on important topics, and respect and listening were always prioritised. […]

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Five Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) training sessions were held with educators of the centre as well as an online MHPSS (Mental Health & Psychosocial Support) training. CEPAIM has an afterschool program during the school year (September to June) and has implemented Interactive Groups (IGs) during these last weeks. In July, CEPAIM offered a summer camp […]

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Karmengo Ama

The following Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) took place weekly in the school: Interactive Groups (IGs), Dialogical Literary Gatherings (DLGs), Dialogic Model of Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Learning Time Extension. 350 students were involved in the IG and the Dialogic Model (aged 3 to 11 years) and 500 students in the DLG (3 to 17 years […]

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Centre Sirius

Training on Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) and especially Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs); and training on MHPSS (Mental Health and Psychosocial Support) was conducted with around ten educators. A visit to the University was organised with 20 minors where a workshop on journalism and a DLG session was held. […]

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Pla de Santa Maria Centre

Training on Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) and especially Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs); and training on MHPSS (Mental Health and Psychosocial Support) was conducted with around 10 educators. DLG were implemented with a group of 15 minors. Several support visits to implementation were done and an academic orientation was held. A library was set up in […]

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IES Veles i Vents High School

The centre works with Interactive Groups, Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs), Extension of Learning Time and Dialogic Training of Teachers. As for Interactive Groups (IGs), they were conducted in Valencian, Spanish, English, Physics, and Chemistry as well as their teacher body work on Preventive Socialisation of Gender Violence. 200 students participated in the IGs, 350 in […]

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IES Alfonso II High School

The centre implemented weekly Successful Educational Activities (SEAs) (Dialogic Literary Gatherings, Extension of Learning Time, Family Training, Dialogic Training of Teachers, Participation of the Community, and Interactive Groups) in maths, literature, physics, chemistry, economics, history and geography. The direct beneficiaries were about 550 students. […]

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Support Group Network Mölndal

Around 50 unique participants involved (teachers, volunteers, families and children) The SEAs and MHPSS tools implemented biweekly in Interactive Groups (IGs), Dialogic Literary Gatherings (DLGs), Participation of the Community, TeamUp and games from the playbook ‘Right to play’. The SEAs were primarily implemented during Maths, English and Arabic classes. The volunteers and teachers were also […]

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St. Joseph’s Christian Brothers’ School

A needs analysis included interviewing school representatives (children, staff, and caregivers) to identify their support needs. Based on this, it was decided that the focus should be on English language learning, group-working, and parental involvement in schools through interactive groups (IGs). After pre-training evaluations with children and staff, eight staff participated in training and REFUGE-ED […]

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